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Why Yoga for Stress Management and Optimum Human Resource Management.

  • Need of YOG –

» Yog is needed for every individual of Human society for Body-Mind-Soul equipoise as Human life is trifarious in Physical, Mental and Spiritual realms of the Universe. Lack of coherence amongst any of these three strata of Human life makes one’s life troubled.

» YOG is a science of unification of our external or Unit consciousness governed by our senses with the inner or the Universal or Cosmic Consciousness to which knowingly or unknowingly every entity of this universe is attached, i.e in nutshell “YOG is a science or idea to become one with yourself or what you are”.

» That system which brings the Holistic Welfare of whole Universe is real Discipline and that is real YOG as it attaches a being within himself or with the inner consciousness or the Cosmic or Universal Consciousness.

YOG makes us or our Body-Mind disciplined by controlling and channelising our propensities associated with our endocrine glands towards Higher Consciousness


How Anand Yog for Life Excellence will help in getting maximum output from Corporate employees.

  • As corporates are  engaged socio-economic development of the Nation, so keeping every employee of corporate Happy and Energetic by Yogik life will keep the Organisation and the Nation at large growing and progressing exponentially.
  • Anand Yog for Life Excellence will help in getting maximum output by enabling them to utilize their innate potential.
  • It will help in upbringing the Values and Confidence, Concentration and Will Power and Mind Power to enhance your organizational productivity, Life style management and Personality Development.
  • ANAND YOG for LIFE EXCELLENCE is a mission to establish Excellence in LIFE by bringing ‘Yog in lifestyle’ for Happy, Healthy, Successful and Blissful life.
  • ANAND YOG for LIFE EXCELLENCE teaches the Yog as a Science and Spirituality to be very lucidly adopted by the people from every walk of life by making them learn and practice:

» Meditation        

» Pranayama

» Sentient Diet System

» Human Excellence Enhancement

» Yogasana
» Kundalini Yog & 
Chakra Meditation
» Personality Development
» Stress Management



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