Course Detail

 2 hr Session:

»  Deep Breathing Relaxing Meditation: 5 minutes

»  Talk on Human Excellence for Body-Mind care: 30-40 mins

»  Energy Center Rejuvenating Meditation: 10-15 mins

»  Light Breathing Exercise: 5 mins

»  Interaction, Feedback and Counselling- 1 hr

(This session can be arranged in the company’s conference room/ Auditorium with LCD presentation arrangement)

Day Long Session:

»  Morning:  Yogasana, Meditation, Pranayama in empty stomach-1.5 hr.

»  Light Breakfast ( Raw, Boiled & Juice)

»  Talk on Optimum Stress Limit Excellence- 1 hr.

»  Individual and Group wise Case Study and interactive solution- 2 hr

»  Sentient Lunch (Least Spicy including lots of Green veg, Fruits, Salads)

»  Individual Counselling & Group Discussion – 2 hr

»  Evening Yogik Dance and Meditation and Music – 1 hr


(Note: Place having a Hall with Yoga mat, Auditorium or same hall where chair can be laid with LCD and Food arranged by the Company as per our guidance).

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