Life Excellence Overview

Our Chief trainer Antarang is a wellness and positive living expert who combines Yogic management techniques with modern knowledge to impart life changing attributes to overworked and tired workforce and make them dynamic, positive, result-oriented and go-getters.

Life Excellence has been a life-long pursuit for Antarang and his associates who pursued the art and science of positive and wellness living and carried out extensive research to ascertain how positive and wellness living impact the corporate world, executives and their results. He found there is definite connect between the corporate world and some management techniques that does not necessarily come from management books.
For example, we all know recreation helps us relax and unwind. It may also reenergize and recharge you towards your goals. But what real recreation is or where you can find it are some worthy questions. Popular options of recreation such as drinking, partying or outings can sometimes leave you more tired than revitalized, and can also badly impact your results.

Antarang delves in his vast experience as a professional trainer and tells you with authority what the best recreation is for the children, housewives, executives, and business entities, or how to identify time-wasters when you are working towards better time-management.

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